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Stonehill College account is required to access ACS Publications Online This is true for on campus AND off campus access.

Best practice is to download and save any material you might want to view again.

Read on to learn more.

The library has subscribed to 15 "Core" titles (listed below). Library access to the "Core" titles is unlimited. ACS has a number of other journals that are outside of our "Core". Access to recent articles outside the "Core" are paid for with "tokens", which we purchase in advance from ACS. Tokens cost about $30 each.

When you conduct a search in ACS, you will see all of their journals, including those that require tokens for access. Users are generally able to seamlessly access both Core titles and titles that require a token. Our token account is automatically debited each time a user displays the full text of a non-Core title. If a user displays the same article multiple times, a token is deducted each time. The tokens are only used for articles published from 1996-present in a journal that is not part of our Core Plus Package (the 15 titles below). Ebooks from the ACS Symposium Series, or articles from the Chemical & Engineering News Archive do not need tokens.

When all the pre-purchased tokens are spent, we lose access to articles that require tokens until we add more tokens to our account. If you are currently unable to access an article from ACS Publications, or have a question, contact the Library Desk and ask to speak with a Librarian. 508 565-1313, or

ACS "Core" Journals

Accounts of Chemical Research

ACS Chemical Biology

Analytical Chemistry
Chemical Reviews
Environmental Science & Technology
Inorganic Chemistry

Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry

Journal of Chemical Education
Journal of Medicinal Chemistry
Journal of Organic Chemistry
Journal of Physical Chemistry A, B & C
Journal of the American Chemical Society

Organic Letters


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