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      Theory & Practice (TP) Presentations. Each student will make 2 TP presentations during the semester. Sign-up for your presentations using the official sign-up sheet. For each presentation:

a.       Select a scholarly article (from the approved list of journals—See Appendix E; If you would like to suggest an article from a journal other than this list, please email me the article for approval consideration) for the topic (e.g., negotiations, performance, learning).

b.      Email me the scholarly article by 5PM on the Friday prior to the day you will present in class (earlier submissions are encouraged, in case I have a “problem” with your article).  Failure to email me the article by the due date/time will result in a 10% reduction in your grade for this project.  If there is a problem with your article, I will let you know.

c.       Develop a path model (this should be the backbone of your presentation).

d.      Identify a movie (only 1 movie, no more) to analyze with your theory.  It is recommended to view the entire movie and then search YouTube for associated clips (hint: it is easier if you choose a movie that has extensive YouTube clips).

e.      Download the video clips.

1.       Highlight and copy desired link of YouTube video

2.       Go to

3.       Enter URL from the YouTube video and click “download”

4.       Save video to your local computer or flash drive (or wherever you are saving your project files)

f.        Edit the movie clips.

1.       PC user- Windows Live Movie Maker (Windows 7) is the software of choice

2.       Mac user- iMovie is the software of choice

3.       Search Google for additional information and training videos

4.       Each video clip should be very short (in general, 10 seconds or less)

g.       Copyright Information

1.       Videos -  you may use no more than 3 minutes or 10% of a video, whichever is  less

2.       Music - you may use no more than 30seconds or 10% whichever is less

3.       Your project must be less than 50% of an other’s product

4.       You may create no more than 2 copies of a project that contains other’s products.

h.      Upload each movie clip to Stonehill’s Video Server ( 

i.         “Embed” the video links (pointing to the Stonehill Video Server) in your PPT presentation.

j.        Upload your PPT presentation and your scholarly article in eLearn (no longer than 2 days after your presentation).  Failure to do so will result in a 10% reduction in your grade for this project.  Save scholarly articles using this format (Last name of first author, year).  For example: “Glibkowski, 2008.pdf”. Save your PPT using a descriptive name – topic area. For example: “360 Feedback – Performance.pptx”

k.       Additional instructions will be provided as needed.  This is a new project, so please let me know if you need clarification.

See Appendix A for the Theory & Practice grading rubric.

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